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About The Editor

Meet Ron Ketola

Ron is a bonafide foodie with the trench-credentials to prove it.

Starting as a busboy at the age of 15 at a local Italian dinner before attending culinary school in Minneapolis Ron has experience in all types of food prep companies.

These experiences include family restaurants, franchises/chains, catering businesses and even cruise ships.

Semi-retired from cooking Ron now spends his time traveling the world, discovering new flavors from far flung reaches of the globe.

In between stuffing his face with Greek lamb kabobs in Athens or Japanese sushi in Hokkaido he overseas the editorial operations here at Mr. Meal Delivery.

About The Co-Founder

Meet Janet

Janet is a glob-trotting, truffle-addicted mother of two and co-founder of Mr. Meal Delivery.

While Ron is more at home slaving away behind a stove in his home kitchen, Janet is in her element eating cheap Pho on a plastic stool at a hawker stall on a Singaporean back-alley.

Food mustn't always be an all-consuming process and cooking shouldn't always require hours of preparation.

For people with busy lifestyles, or people with children, balancing culinary refinement with scheduling can be a nightmare.

Thus Mr. Meal Delivery was born. Ron has the refined palate and Janet has the eye for efficiency. Together they bring the best meal programs that combine both convenience and quality.